Rectifying Re-application Dilemma

Are you wondering why this happened to me? 

How do I figure out the possibilities that went wrong last time? 

What should I add to my profile to get into a dental school?  

How to address the shortcomings of my profile? 

Whom to approach? 

You are hiking the right trail. Review the candidacy holistically is the key here. 

The dynamic of an International dentist application is unique as it includes diverse people from different countries and backgrounds. It’s common for people to mismanage, misinterpret and mishandle the process for the first time. 

After reading this article, you’ll be able to attain plausible parameters for presenting your best self to the admission committee.

What should you do?

Before crafting a new application, ensure to target all the following variables:

Were your stats too low? Did you obtain an apt letter of recommendation? Were personal statements and supplemental essays well written? Did you submit your applications too late? Did your interview/bench go south?

Initial steps to upgrade your application from round to round:

Ask admissions committees for feedback:

A few schools provide feedback on your application and suggest points to improve it for the future admissions cycle. Email them communicating a genuine desire to enhance your candidacy for the next time.

Develop your school list deliberately:

Deciding where to apply is one of the most underrated yet critical aspects of the admission process. Approach your list thoughtfully when reapplying since applying to each school requires time, effort, attention, and an application fee. 

Create your personalized list through ADEA CAAPID Wikipedia – 36 college websites in one page!

Should I change my SOP when reapplying?

Yes, admissions committees expect you to write a new personal statement in the next round. While your latest story can focus on a similar theme to your previous personal essay, the anecdotes should change, like retaining the core reasons for wanting to be a dentist in the US.

Can I use the same letters of recommendation?

You can indeed use past letters of recommendation as a reapplicant. Though consider removing a few, updating existing ones, or adding new ones.

When to add or remove letters

If you were uncertain about the strength of a letter last cycle or could not obtain one that matched the requirement, submit the new ones.

When to update existing letters

On some occasions, update the letters to reflect recent achievements or developments in your career.

Will my Caapid details carry forward?

  • ECE or WES:

You can carry forward your ECE/WES to CAAPID as a reapplicant. Also, transfer the data in Personal Information, Academic History, electronic foreign transcript evaluations, and Supporting information. It might take a few hours to two days.

  • Tips for GPA:

A good GPA proves your academic proficiency to become a prospective student in a US dental school. However, if your GPA is inappropriate, consider pursuing a Master’s from the USA schools or building an extraordinary profile. For further guidance

  • Standardized Tests:
  1. TOEFL: Repeat TOEFL till you reach a competitive score of 100. It would open gateways to many dental schools for you. Retake if the scores are older than two years. You can choose your TOEFL scores for the school, so, there is nothing to lose in multiple attempts. For tips, scroll through TOEFL tips for International Dentists Applying to DDS or DMD
  1. Provide results to ADEA CAAPID at code B451
  2. NBDE 1-2 or iNBDE: If you have multiple attempts in NBDE, consider the schools that don’t focus on the number of attempts. Then, request your results at Dentpin to ADEA CAAPID on Result Recipient Selection. It will take a maximum of five days.
  3. ADAT: Try taking ADAT soon after your iNBDE because the study material is majorly similar. ADAT scores are scaled scores ranging from 200 to 800, and there is no passing or failing score. A score above 500 is considered a good score. Send the scores directly to the institution. Visit: advanced-dental-admission-test-adat for further information.

Should I change my Experiences and Achievements section when reapplying?

Experiences with no new updates or insights (e.g., shadowing you completed three years ago) need not be changed. On the other hand, add new activities or modify descriptions whenever you can:

  1. Improve the writing
  2. Update the content
  3. Both


Reaching to Interviews but didn’t match?

If you received three or more interview invitations but did not get into a school the first time you applied, consider it a sign that you need to work on your interview skills—

practice, practice, and practice

We’re here for help with our Caapid Simplified youtube search engine.

Waitlisted or Rejected after Bench Test?

Do not hesitate to invest in a good bench test preparation course as it is upskilling clinical proficiency in not even half of your future monthly salary. Later, have your home set up for vigorous practice.


Getting rejected from every dental school can feel incredibly discouraging. Still, by reviewing your unsuccessful application honestly and deliberately approaching your next attempt, you will increase your probability of becoming a dentist in the US. 

Take drastic action to make a difference. Have a compelling argument, you didn’t want me last year, but this is why you should consider taking me this year. 

It is indeed a long journey. However, the earlier you accept and bring yourself into action, the earlier you can reach your destination!!